I help insurance adjusters


their tax game &

growth in their business.


I get it…

Being an adjuster is hard work! As an adjuster myself,  I understand the struggles of continuously being caught between your passion and the need to be profitable.

After all, the world of accounting and finance is complex and constantly changing so how can you be expected to keep up with your career and taxes?

Well, that’s where I enter the stage.

I’ll help you maximize your deductions and save money on your taxes.


The Switch & Save Experience

If you are like most taxpayers you probably don’t enjoy doing your taxes. Working with us gives you one less thing to worry about. Our goal is to save you money and ensure you are paying the least amount of taxes. Whether it’s personal or business filings, you can rely on our dedication to keeping your money in your pocket. That’s why you’ll save $100 when switch and work with us for the first time!

The Ultimate Business Experience

You’re chasing the assignments each storm season and bringing some amazing experiences to the table. It’s hard-to-find time to weigh up the numbers or calculate your taxes. Allow me to take the tax burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on what you love to do. With this ultimate business experience you’ll never worry about your taxes again!

She was very professional and prompt. She provided clarification to any questions or concerns I had as a customer.

Kynderick C. (Client since 2016)

Hi, I am Amy-Kristen C. Jones

I help insurance adjusters prioritize their finances to maximize deductions for income in multiple states to ensure they pay the least amount of taxes. Unlike a regular accountant, I’m not here just to complete data entry and leave the rest to you. I am a one-stop-shop, here to support you to assess, scale, and grow your business.

With years of experience and advanced strategies in my vault.  I seamlessly guide you through the planning process.  Leave the money management to me and get back to doing what you love – being the best in your industry.

Progressive Tax Planning

guided Tax Preparation

Accounting & much more

Amy-Kristen was very knowledgeable and made filing my taxes simple and easy. She took her time to ensure that I was given the biggest return I have ever received. Her quality work and friendliness made her a pleasure to work with! I will be returning again.

Shanequa E. (Client since 2016)

I know,

You’re trying to maximize your income to last you throughout the year while paying taxes in multiple states haunts you as January approaches. You also know you haven’t put any money aside to pay your taxes at the end of the year. You’re overwhelmed by just the thought that you may owe a lot of money to the IRS.

Needless to say that you’re probably filing your own taxes instead of claiming yourself as a business. You simply don’t know what to claim and what not to claim. Because hey, at the end of the day, dealing with your taxes is not your forte.

You understand what it means to be a successful adjuster. It’s not just about getting through the season; it’s about the dedication, education, and experience to stay working.

Now, imagine…

Enjoying your career and flexibility to the fullest…

Taking time off.. 

Without a bit of worry about Uncle Sam’s mail coming through. 

Because you finally have control over your tax situation, year after year.

Allow me to take the tax burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on what you love to do.

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The Ultimate Tax Deduction Checklist For Insurance Adjusters

Grab your copy & know everything that you can deduct on your taxes to get the max refund on your taxes this year.